Best Putters For Tall Golfers

Best putter for tall golfers

It’s not easy having tall people trying to find the right equipment. If you are tall, most likely your body is completely out of proportion. You probably have long arms and legs which means that most standard sized clubs would be too short and the extra length will just hinder your game even more. Except for tall people, tall people are tall for a reason. That is because they have better balance, coordination and their cardio-vascular system allows them to put in more hours of play without getting tired.

This is same with tall golfers when choosing the best putter for tall players. No one wants to be stuck using a putter that doesn’t suit them simply because they are tall.

A tall player needs a putter that is tall enough so that the tall golfer can set up straight to the ball without having to bend or lean too much. The taller a person is, the more upright his putting stance should be. This means that tall players need tall putters if they want to have the correct posture when putting.

For this reason, its vital to be fitted for a putter when your tall. A tall person has a completely different body build compared to a regular-sized person. The average putter length is around 35 inches and will suit most people. A tall player with his tall height needs at least 37 inches if he wants to be comfortable when putting this means that tall golfers will need long putters such as the Scotty Cameron Newport putter to accommodate tall players.

Another thing with tall people is that they may require more weight in the head of the club to help them balance better when addressing the ball with their tall height. This means they could use extra weights in the putter head, which will provide additional stability for tall putters with tall grips.

Its important to get fitted for any putter, regardless if your tall or not but something to consider is your putting arc. If you use a blade your more likely to have a putting arc, where as if your using a mallet putter or a MOI putter you maybe more suited with a straight line putting movement.

Putter’s can easily be adjusted for taller players buy simply installing a new putter shaft with a different length, this is often they way to get a putter to fit a taller person. You would buy an existing putter and re-shaft it or be custom fit for a putter and the fitter will provide all custom measurements including shaft length.

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