Best Golf Wedges 2022

titleist vokey sm9 wedge

Golf wedges have been a golfing staple for many years. The golf wedge is used to hit the golf ball from what is considered an “approach” shot, but golfers can also use it as a chip or even a putter if they need to get up and down fast. In this article we’ll walk you through all of the lofts available, bounce types, shafts that are available and which ones might be best for your swing type.

Lofts Available: The golf wedge is a very important club because it determines the loft angle of your golf ball. This helps you know how high to hit the golf ball, and also how much spin will be placed on it as well. The lofts range from around 20 degrees all the way up to 60-degree wedges that have been specifically designed for “lob” shots.

Bounce Types: Bounce is a golf wedge’s angle of attack on the ground, and it can affect how much turf you will cut as well as your ability to stop quickly. In general, golfers who play in softer conditions or “wet weather golfing” need more bounce because their wedges are going to dig more into the ground. Golfers who play on firmer conditions or in drier climates can get away with wedges that have less bounce because they won’t be as affected by the surface.

Shafts: The golf wedge shaft is a very important part of the club, and it greatly affects your overall shot distance and accuracy. In general you should aim for a shaft stiffness one less than in your irons . This is because golfers are generally hitting their wedges shorter than they hit irons, so shaft stiffness can further affect distance.

The Dynamic Gold wedge line is available in steel, graphite and the highly-popular “PW” flex that will help you play your best golf game no matter what it looks like! We would strongly advise getting fit for your wedges. Some wedges have weight systems and different grinds like the new Edel Wedges.

Edel wedges are made with tungsten weights that are strategically placed in the sole of golf wedges, this makes it easier to choose where you want your center of gravity. Edel wedges have particular grinds that have been designed to help golfers hit the golf ball higher and stop it on the green faster. There are also many other companies that make golf wedges, so always get fitted for the best results!

Edel golf wedges are some of the best on the market, their weight systems and grinds help you hit the ball higher and stop it faster on the green. always get fitted for your wedges to ensure you’re getting the most out of them!

Many players use Titleist Vokey Wedges and for good reason. They have a wide range of lofts, bounce types and shafts to choose from so you can find the perfect wedge for your game. With over 20 years of experience designing wedges, Vokey has something for everyone.

Vokey wedges have had various models over the years, currently the wedge is SM8 but its looking increasing likely SM9 will be out on sale in 2022. Vokey wedges are an excellent choice for your golf game.

There some excellent choices if your looking to purchase new wedges in 2022, we have complied a small list below to help you choose your next wedges.


  1. Titlesit Vokey SM9 Golf Wedge
  2. Mizuno T22
  3. Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge
  4. Ping Glide Wedges
  5. Cleveland RTX 4

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